Meeting Kandee Johnson


(photo credit Ian Ruther)

December 2010  will forever be my most memorable moth, due to an unforgettable experience in Los Angeles as I got to meet my youtube (and life) guru Kandee Johnson.
I flew out to Los Angeles to attend her makeup seminar called “Glaminar” (She combined the words seminar and glamour) and it was also the last one she  would be giving.
My Kandee adventure started out this way:

I was in a bad shape both mentally and physically that year. Some heavy stuff happened in a too short amount of time and I just couldn’t deal with the world anymore. Then one day I stumbled upon a tutorial by Kandee Johnson on Youtube (a Lauren Conrad makeup  How-to) and right there and then I was captivated by her skills and personality.  So as I kept on seeing  her videos something happened to me inside. This woman had the power to make me feel sparkles again  and not only did she inspire me to become a Makeup Artist, she pulled  me out of that dark place I was in, through Youtube. So yeah, of course I had to meet her!


She is one of the main reasons I got through that rough patch  and this picture
means the world to me. I’ve taken control again of my life and I’m heading towards a new direction all thanks to her inspiring words and love.

That same weekend I was  in Los Angeles I also got to be part of Kandee’s baby shower and I met so many lovely girls!


                              Thank you all so much for letting me be part of the Glam family!!!
Here’s a peek in to the Kandee Johnson’s Glaminar:


I’ve learned so much, it wasn’t just all about make-up but also how to deal with life when unexpected things happen and making yourself stand out. Kandee is one big pile of love!!! And she radiates that together with so much energy and happiness.
At the end we all got to talk with her and hug her. I will cherish this memory for life as she pushedAt me in the right direction and I’m on top of things again.
I met her mother Shannon  and sister Tiffany and they where also super nice, I was truly amazed to see so much love in one family.



This trip is the best gift  ever to myself and it will always remind me to follow my dreams and just keep on going. Made a friend for life there too, Sandra:


Stay tuned for the rest of my L.A. trip and shopping experience!

3 thoughts on “Meeting Kandee Johnson

  1. Awww, I hope we can all get together again!! Your photo with Kandee is beautiful!! … Looking forward to reading part 2 (one of my favorite things to do in LA is shop) Love ya!!

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