Shopping in Los Angeles

OH did I shop in LA! Had to rush through the city (by bus) in one day 
to get all this! You locals must recognize the wardrobe I’m standing in:

Yes,  Abercrombie & Fitch or “Heaven & Fitch” as I call it 🙂


This is usually the first stop I make in the States. Love the 
whole concept (except maybe the loud music sometimes), the clothes, 
the store (the half naked dude at the door!). 
This is definitely one of my favorite American brands.
This was the first time I got to “meet and greet”  an A&F Hot Shot. I think
they are usually hosting at the doors of flagship stores only.

Next I went to the Pro MACstore on North Robertson Blv…
…this was special for me as I will be following the Make-up Artist course and I specially wanted to get my MAC brush-belt in LA. I’ve always had 
a special bond with this city and I got some money to buy a few 
things for my next career from somebody very dear to me and so I did.
My haul from Los Angeles.

1. Awesome Z-Palettes!! Yay! I found a make-up artist shop
on Melrose Ave who sells them. They’re so much fun and 
 love how you can fit so many colors.
I just bought two for myself and I’m all ready thinking: I need more!
 But I got a few for my friends as well and my
suitcase was getting very heavy, haha! 

2. From makeup to skincare: I love love love me some Dermalogica. I discovered it by chance 5 years ago and never used anything else ever since. I’ll be blogging 
about them later on. For me in Holland it’s very expensive 
to get it so I always stash up in the States!

3. The Starbucks LA coffee mug had to be added in my collection: New York, Istanbul, Singapore and yours truly. Love this new line and 
I’ll probably will be blogging about Starbucks too someday 😉

4. Eyebrow razors I saw on youtube and just 
had to get them!! I bought them in a 99cent store and oh 
am I glad cause later on I saw them in a regular drugstore and
the price there was 4 times higher!! 
They work amazing, why don’t we have this kind
of cool stuff in Holland??? (or do we?)

5. More make-up: The Balm!
And to all my american readers I envy your Sephora! It’s 
so much more fun in the States!! There are so many American 
make-up brands that I just love only for the package
like this Balmbini palette, isn’t it cute? I wanted to get more 
stuff here but since I all ready won an awesome Ben Nye 
palette and got the UD’s Vegan palette in the Glaminar goodie bag
 I wisely walked  straight to the register!

6. I made the same smart move 
at The Grove where I stood in an official UGG store,
tried on like 5 pairs and bought NONE (only on request for friends) Believe
me it was hard!! Loved The Grove, it’s definitely a must see.
Some T-shirts and more request from friends.

Other shops I usually visit in the States are:
Victoria’s Secret for their great deal get 5 for 25 dollars. Also I like
to shop at American Apparel and now I added Forever 21!
But I’m sure there’s so much more shopping 
for me to discover…any tips ladies? (and gentleman?)
Stay tuned for the rest of my LA trip!


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